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CI & SC business hours:

During daylight saving in NSW (October to April), 7am to 8pm (AEDT) Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm (AEDT) weekends;

During eastern standard time in NSW (April to October), 7am to 7pm (AEST) Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm (AEST) weekends.

Cargo Status

The most common question asked by industry is "What is the status of my cargo?"
Customs and Border Protection has produced two guides to assist users in understanding the status of their cargo within the ICS.

This is a PDF document Understanding cargo status conditions. (140KB) This Quick Reference Guide assists users in determining the various reasons that their cargo might not be cleared.

This is a PDF document Where do I find the status of my cargo? (516KB) A comprehensive document that provides information on the status of cargo within different ICS screens.

Email is the primary method of contact for the Customs Information and Support Centre (CI&SC).

Please ensure that you include the following information in your email.
 1. Australian Business Number (ABN) or Customs Client ID (CCID)
 2. Your name, telephone number, email address and your role in the organisation
 3. The details of your enquiry, e.g. your container number, airway bill number, import declaration number or export declaration number
 4. Wherever possible, you should be logged into the Customs interactive.


1300 558 099

In the event that you need to phone the CI & SC, please ensure that you have the above information at the ready.

Digital certificate enquiries

Clients with enquiries that relate specifically to digital certificates need to do the following, to ensure that their queries are managed by the CI & SC in an efficient and timely manner.
Customs and Border Protection has developed a Digital Certificate Enquiry form, which should be completed by clients with questions that relate directly to their digital certificate/s.
Clients must also include screenshots relevant to their question.

Guides outlining which screenshots to provide, and how to create these screenshots are available below.
Providing the correct information to Customs and Border Protection will result in a timely response.

This is a PDF document Digital Certificate Enquiry form. (126KB)

This is a PDF document How to create a screenshot of an ICS logon error. (287KB)

Urgent cargo clearance

To request an urgent cargo clearance, the cargo must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Perishable goods will be damaged if subjected to delay; or;
  • Cargo requires immediate delivery (e.g. urgent medical supplies, hazardous materials and livestock); or
  • Cargo may miss it's carrier (export flights/vessels, truck booking system).

If your cargo meets one of the above criteria, phone 02 6275 6100.

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