Accessing ICS Information

Information available from the Integrated Cargo System (ICS)

Information supplied to Customs and Border Protection for clearance of import and export cargo is available to relevant parties on request.  Information is supplied through both Import and Export Declarations by either importers/exporters or service providers acting on their behalf, such as licenced customs brokers.

Customs and Border Protection makes a range of this information available to those who report through the ICS or to importers and exporters directly.  Information is accessible through various reports available through the ICS or by requesting specific information from the Business Information Group within Customs and Border Protection.

The Business Information Group provides services to clients requiring information from the ICS. The team supports, maintains and enhances Business Information and related print products. They action service requests from clients for information as well as pursuing opportunities to add value as identified.

The following information is intended as a guide for clients when considering costs and duration associated with the delivery of a requested business information product.

ICS information available to clients who have a digital certificate

Information Product


EFT Payments Summary *

For Brokers/Importers showing all payments made to customs.

This report lists paid Declarations. It reports on all EFT transactions (payments and refunds) for a given period.

GST Deferral *

For Brokers/Importers on amounts of GST deferred.

Importers use this report to reconcile their GST deferral liability against label 7 A of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Business Activity Statement. Note: GST Deferral is stored as soon as the import document is created, and reported to ATO monthly via the ATO interface.

Broker Importer Summary *

For Brokers

This is an Agent summary report of Declarations and Amended Declarations outstanding & completed and statistical totals. This report has 5 parts. All 5 parts will be shown but brokers can select one of the parts. The parts are:

  • Decs Outstanding
  • Decs Completed
  • Amended Decs Outstanding
  • Amended Decs completed
  • Summary of each part

The following 2 reports are only available on request to:

Import Report **

All Importers

A summary of all Import declarations lodged for or by a specified ABN for a given time period.

Export Report **

All Exporters

A summary of all Export declarations lodged for or by a specified ABN for a given time period.

* Reports are available through direct access to the ICS or requesting it from your Customs Broker.

** Reports available only through a request to the Business Information Group

For more information on ICS reports, refer to Module 24 by clicking here.

Requesting information through the ICS

Customs encourages clients to obtain their reports, where possible, through the ICS. To access the ICS through the internet you must have a digital certificate and install specific software. More information on accessing the ICS can be found by clicking here.

Requesting Import or Export information through the Business Information Group

Clients are able to request information by sending an email with the ABN, company name, client’s name, contact phone number, date range and a billing address to Whether acting on your own behalf or on behalf of another company it is a requirement that an authority letter on company letterhead (i.e. the letterhead of the company whose information is being accessed) be attached. This ensures that information is only provided to those persons with appropriate authorisation (as per Section 16 of the Customs Administration Act 1985). The authority letter should contain the details included in this template.

NOTE: The maximum authorisation period for any individual is 1 year.

On receipt of your request we will email you an invoice for  $66 per report which must be paid before a report can be issued.  The $66 charge will also apply if you request a report to confirm that you have no transactions for the month/period. It should be noted that if the figure on your BAS GST Deferral label is zero, Customs does not need to confirm this amount.  On receipt of your payment we will issue your report as an excel spreadsheet.

If historical information is required from the legacy system (pre February 2006) or from the current Integrated Cargo System (post October 2005), there will be a charge of $66 per report per system. i.e. $132 for one ABN.

Accessing ‘Secure Web Emails’ User Guide

Customs and Border Protection provides a secure Web Mail environment for the delivery of encrypted emails. This service ensures that your email is delivered confidentially. This is a quick guide for clients using the system for the first time.

Secure Email User Guide

Freedom Of Information (FOI) requests

A FOI request is required to be lodged to facilitate any request for information not related to your importing history. Enquiries regarding Freedom of Information can be made by contacting the FOI Coordinator on (02) 6275 5621 or by writing to the FOI Coordinator at Customs and Border Protection's central office. Enquiries can be made by letter, telephone or in person. Email enquiries may be sent to .

Formal FOI requests must be made in writing, should include sufficient information to enable Customs and Border Protection to identify the document you are seeking access to and should include details of how notices may be sent to you (for example, by providing an electronic address or postal address). We provide appropriate facilities for the inspection of documents accessed under the FOI Act.

Service Level

Generally we will process all requests for information within 5 business days of receipt. Occasionally we experience a large volume of requests that cause a delay in the provision of your requested information within this time frame. Should this occur we will keep you informed of progress and an expected delivery date.

The Business Information Group welcomes your input on the items concerning information products (or their modes of delivery) that are pertinent to you or your workplace. These might include current problems, suggestions for improvement, or the process itself.

Please email your feedback to Business Information, we will contact you and advise how the matter is being addressed. modified: 18 March, 2015 3:15 PM